Author, Marcia Demers enlightens, engages, and inspires with her short read “Out of the Fire”. She takes her audience on a journey from humble beginnings growing up in Jamaica to a life of prosperity as a life of prosperity in which she obtains a doctorate in Pharmacy in the United States

In spite of life’s challenging moments and heartaches, Marcia educates her readers on what it takes to make it through the “fire” of struggle while emerging on the other side of success. Any reader looking for pure inspiration in life, motivation to move to the next level, or simply love reading a story of triumph must consider this as an essential read!

In this short read let Marcia Demers show you how she went after and claimed her right to abundance. Follow her on her journey as she rises from trials to triumph, overcoming many obstacles along the way, to a place of intellectual, physical, spiritual, relational, and financial soundness. This is a must read for anyone seeking direction as to how to overcome challenges they may be faced with, or someone just desirous of reading a great story of persistence and perseverance and celebrating with her.

Amazon Best Selling International Author


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